What: Create a Baseline Trigger

Why: To pull data from data collected within the Baseline module to create an alert based upon a student’s response. *Please note: A Baseline License is required. You must also be an Administrator within Baseline in order to utilize Baseline Triggers within Beacon.*

Who on your campus can create this: Administrators

Who at Campus Labs can help with this: Support Team (Contact us through our web form) and your Consultant

When should this be set up: This can be done any time after the survey is setup within Baseline

Where is this located: Settings --> Triggers --> New Trigger --> Baseline


How to create a Baseline Trigger:

1) Log into Beacon

2) Select Settings

3) Select Triggers

4) Select the blue New Trigger button

5) Select the Baseline box

6) Select to Project from the listing, or search for the Project title.

7) Select the question

8) Select the Trigger answer(s)

9) Select the blue Use this Trigger button.

10) Fill out the details of your Baseline Trigger. The Name, Audience, and Notification Type fields are required.

11) Select the blue Activate Trigger button


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