What: Viewing Your Waiting Room

Why: To view any students who have checked in and are currently in the waiting room of that location 

Who on your campus can create this: Administrators and Campus Labs Consultants. This tool set is included in "Office Workflow" licenses and all Beacon licenses with an origination date beginning in 2014. 

Who at Campus Labs can help with this: Support Team (Contact us through our web form) and your Consultant

When can this be viewed: This can be done at any time.

Where is this located: institution.campuslabs.com/locations

How to view your Waiting Room:

  1. Log into institution.campuslabs.com/locations
  2. Click on Locations
  3. Click on the Location you would like to see the Waiting Room for
  4. You will be brought to the waiting room of that location
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