The Locations feature allows students to check in at different locations on campus.  This feature enables institutions to track the arrival time, received time and reason for a student's visit.  By default, ten locations are available to each institution.

Setting up the Locations Feature

Contact an Anthology consultant to have the Locations feature initially configured for your institution.  Your consultant will ask who you would like to have set as "Administrators" of the location system.

Configure Your Locations

Once you have been made an "Administrator" by an Anthology consultant of Locations follow these steps to setup your locations.

  1. Log into Locations by going to https://{yourcampus}
  2. Click on the "+ Location" button
  3. Fill out the details for the location
  4. Add location managers.
    • Location managers will be able to see and edit information for that specific location including the waiting room, reports and setting.

Set up visit reasons

Visit Reasons are tags or categories that you may identify for students to select when they check into your location(s).  As an administrator you can create a list of visit reasons that are available to your locations to be presented to students when they check-in.  Each location can choose the appropriate reasons for their circumstance.  To create visit reasons:

  1. Select the "Settings" tab at the top of the screen
  2. Select the "+" button to create a new visit reason(s)
  3. Use the arrow buttons to move the visit reason(s) to the "Active" list
  4. Navigate to a location
  5. Select the Settings tab (Gear Icon)
  6. Choose the visit reasons that are applicable for this specific location

The next time a student checks into the location they will be able to choose the visit reason that brings them to the location.  This reason will appear on the student's record on the waiting room screen.

Manage Your Location


Once you have created your location select it from the list on the Locations tab, this action will bring you to the "Waiting Room" of your location.  The Waiting Room will display any students who have checked into the location.


There are three tabs on the top-right corner of the page that act as navigation between the Waiting Room, Reporting Page, and Settings Page for the location.  

Student Check In

Students would navigate to your location's url and once on the location check in page:

  1. Click "Check In"
  2. Log in with their campus username/password combination
  3. Once you log in you'll see a confirmation page

If they have never logged into any Anthology product in the past, they would see a page that asked for more information about them, like this:


Manage Waiting Students

Once your waiting room has students listed you can review basic information about them as well as manage their departure reason for exiting your location.  To manage the departure reason select the "Waiting" icon to the right of the student:


This action will reveal a set of options that you can use to identify the reason that the student left your location.


Once selected, the option will be applied to the student and the student will drop into the "Addressed" list.

Review Check In Reports

Each night, analytics are created for the previous day's check ins.  Visit the reports page (Graph Icon) to review and export information about visitors to the location.

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