What: Create an Administration

Why: To utilize and administer the Student Strengths Inventory that will measure Cognitive and Non-cognitive data to inform and coordinate the interventions with at-risk and success-oriented students.

Who on your campus can create this: Administrators

Who at Campus Labs can help with this: Your Consultant

When should this be set up: This should be done prior the start of the semester

Where is this located: Administrations > Create Administration

How to create an Administration:

1)      Log into Beacon

2)      Select Administrations

3)      Select Create Administrations

4)      Fill out necessary items:

a.      Basic details necessary for setup

          i.     Administration Name

          ii.     Assessment (SSI or CSA)

          iii.     Description

          iv.     Open and Close dates

b.     Pre-populated fields that can be customized prior to saving administration

          i.     Introduction

          ii.     At completion

c.      Optional

         i.     Demographic data collection

         ii.     Custom questions

5)      Select Save Administration


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