What: Add a Mailing Group to an Administration

Why: To invite a specific group of people to partake in an administration

Who on your campus can create this: Administrators

Who at Campus Labs can help with this: Your Consultant

When should this be set up: This should be done after the administration is created

Where is this located: Administrations > Create Administration

How to add a mailing group:

1)      Log into Beacon

2)      Select Administrations

3)      Select Add Mailing Group

4)      Fill out necessary items:


a.      Group Details

                 i.     Mailing Group Name

                 ii.     Send on Date/Time

                 iii.     Recipients

b.     Compose Message

                 i.     From (Name)

                 ii.     Reply To (E-mail Address)

                 iii.     Subject

                 iv.     Body

5)      Select Schedule

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