How do I create an administration in Beacon - To utilize and administer the Student Strengths Inventory that will measure Cognitive and Non-cognitive data to inform and coordinate the interventions with at-risk and success-oriented students. Walk through this process here.

How do I create a Trigger?  - To pull data and create automated notifications of updates/alerts to members of a student’s Success Network based on various elements of information about a student, watch our quick video tutorial here.

How do I create a Baseline Trigger? - To pull data from data collected within the Baseline module to create an alert based upon a student’s response. More details about this can be found here.

Can I remove student demographic data that has been imported? - Student demographic data can be replaced with new data but cannot be put back to a null value state.  Importing blank values in a demographics file are treated as empty and thus no action would be taken.  If you would like to remove a given value for a student, a new value must be imported in its place.

How do I view my Waiting Room? - To view any students who have checked in and are currently in the waiting room of that location. More details about viewing your waiting room can be found here.

How do I bookmark my Quick Notation on my mobile device? - To quickly get to the Quick Notation page to add an update/alert to a student's record without requiring access to the full Beacon system. Click here to find out more.

How do I create Updates and Alerts? - Watch how to create updates and alerts here!

How do I create and update Locations? - To make locations available to track entry times, departure times, and reasons for students who are visiting an office, program, or service location. More details about creating and updating Locations can be found here.

How do I update my Recommendation Statements? - To give specific advice about additional resources, campus departments, and actions students can take based on their results.  Consider being as detailed as possible and giving campus websites, contact information, and names to assist students. Read how to do this here.

How do I Manage my Meeting Requests? - When a student requests time from your general availability you will receive an email at the address on file with options to either approve or deny the request. More details about managing your meeting requests can be found here!

What factors are included in the retention and student success probability scores?  - These predictions are fed by the following data:

1. Responses to the SSI items

2. The student’s ACT score under the following circumstances:

  • if a student only has a SAT score then we convert it to an ACT score and use it
  • if a student has both an SAT and ACT score, we use the ACT score
  • if the student does not have a SAT or ACT score then a secondary formula is used that only relies on SSI responses

Students are able to self-report a SAT or ACT score upon taking the SSI as this allows Beacon to have the most accurate probability scores possible at the moment of completion of the administration.

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