The following announcement is for institutions that utilize the Faculty Experience tool in conjunction with Beacon. If you are not currently utilizing the Faculty Experience, please consider reaching out to your consultant to learn more about how it can help increase instructor participation in your student success efforts on campus.

This past semester we received feedback from numerous institutions about the need to make student success the responsibility of everyone on campus. Further, we’ve heard that instructors are among the top audiences that administrators feel can be leveraged to greater effect in order to aid in student success and retention efforts across the institution.
We are pleased to let you know that this Thursday morning, December 14, we will be releasing an exciting update to the Faculty Experience that will help further engage your instructors in student success!
What’s Changing
For institutions that utilize the Faculty Experience with Beacon in order to allow instructors to submit updates, alerts, or encouragements about your students—instructors currently see a “New Notification” button in the upper-right portion of the screen when viewing the roster of any course section they teach. There will now also be a new button on the homepage that says “Success Notifications”. Clicking the button will take instructors to a brand new page where they will still be able to submit updates, alerts, or encouragements—but will now ALSO be able to:

  • See and manage a list of notations they have created for students in any current or past course section they are assigned to
  • View follow-up comments made on their notations by advisors or other staff members in Beacon
  • Add their own follow-up comments on notations they created
  • Lower the status on alerts they created 

Please note: In order to maintain your data privacy and access policies, this new screen does NOT allow instructors to see notations created by other faculty, advisors, or staff about students enrolled in the instructor’s course sections; it only displays notations that were created by the instructor viewing the page. You can still grant instructors access to Beacon with an appropriate role if you wish them to have greater access to information on their students.


We are excited about this enhancement based on your feedback and look forward to hearing further input from you about how we can help your institution make student success and retention a greater focus for all institution community members.

The Beacon Product Team

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