There are a number of default system messages that can be set up within Beacon.  Below are examples for each.  To update your default system messages log in as a Site Administrator

  • click on Settings
  • and then click on Default System Messages

It is recommended to create one message at a time and click the save button at the bottom of the screen.


Sample Default Message Examples

Student Report Message Default Administration Messages
Privacy Policy File Uploads

E-mail Privacy Statement


Student Report Message
This description will be visible on each student page and gives context to why the information is important.

This site is designed to help you identify opportunities to increase your success at our institution. You can use this system to learn more about campus opportunities and see custom recommendations that your advisors and faculty have for you.

Privacy Policy
This information will be visible whenever unique content is created by a success network member.  Privacy Policy 140 character maximum.

Information documented via this system may be accessible, by court order, as a part of a student's academic record. Full privacy policy.

E-mail Privacy Statement
This information will be visible on any e-mail that contains updates, alerts, or comments about a student.

You are receiving this information because of your role as a member of the Demo University staff/faculty. The content of this message may contain confidential information that should not be shared outside of our campus community. You can learn more about our privacy policies on the Office of Educational Records and Policies website.

Default Administration Messages
These messages will introduce the students to the administration and thank them at the end.

Welcome Heading

Welcome Message

Welcome to your first steps of academic life at Demo University and the path to becoming a DU graduate.

Academic success doesn't happen by pure chance.  It happens, in part, because of determination, motivation, and competency.  This survey will help ensure your successful start at DU by measuring a number of factors related to your commitment to academics and the institution.  Through this survey, and others like this, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your past and plan for your future.  You'll meet one-on-one to review your results and set goals for next steps.  Our partnership with you can help set your pace for a successful first-year and onward to graduation.

Log into the survey using your Demo University NetID and password.

Thank you Heading
Finish Line!

Thank you Message
Success is more than just academic competence.  Your motivation and determination in the face of adversity will carry you through your journey to graduation and beyond.  This survey, and subsequent results, will help to ensure you get off on the right foot. You'll meet one-on-one with your academic advisor to review your results and set goals for next steps.

File Uploads
Help users understand your campus' data privacy protocols when it comes to storing sensitive data. Users will be required to agree to this statement before using the file upload functionality of the system.

Please refrain from saving sensitive student data to this system.  For more information about your responsibilities on protecting student privacy please refer to the Department of Information Technology's safe data practices guide. 



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