There are multiple APIs that are available to your institution.  Below is the name and a brief description of each of the APIs.  To start utilizing any of these options please direct your IT department to our API advance technical documentation.


Non-Cognitive Administrations Detailed information about each instance of assessment collection as-well-as non-cognitive factor and forecast scores.
Non-Cognitive Assessments Defined instruments that quantify the non-cognitive state of respondents.
Notation Categories Creates or returns notation categories for your institution.
Notation Stats Statistics that illuminate the activity and attention around each student.
Notation Triggers Defined data sources that can be used to create recurring student success notations on student records.
People Basic information about a person.
Success Network Staff & Faculty that are assigned to a student based on their role and/or responsibilities as student success interventionists or support.
Success Alerts Creates or returns open alerts for a user.  Includes details of the alert, if the student can view it or not, which audience the alert is visible to, and a category for the alert.
Success Data Insight Definition Creates and returns all data insight definitions.  Includes the name of the insight definition,the audience type, if it is view-able by students, and if data insights created by this data insight definition are created as alerts.
Success Data Insights Returns all data insights that were created within a specified date range for a user.  Includes details of the insight, when the insight was created, comments in response to the alert, and the category for the alert.
Success Encouragements Creates or returns all encouragements for a specific student.
Success Updates Creates or returns updates for a user.  Includes details of the update, if the student can view it or not, which audience the update is visible to, and a category for the update. 


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