Custom fields enable advisors, generalists, executives and administrators to see further information about students. Fields and their associated information can be viewed within the demographic tab of a student profile in Beacon. Up to 50 custom fields can be created. If you are interested in creating custom fields, please notify the Campus Labs support team ( with the following pieces of information:

  • Header – Name of column to be used in your Beacon import file. (this field cannot contain spaces)

  • Label – Name of field to appear within each students’ Beacon profile. (Labels cannot exceed 50 characters.)

  • Field type – One of the following can be used:
    • String – Can contain letters, numbers, and or symbols. (Strings fields cannot exceed 128 characters.)
    • Number - Used strictly for a numerical value. (Once past 15 characters the rest of the value will be truncated)
    • Boolean – Must be sent as True/False or Yes/No just like standard optional booleans. (T/F and Y/N will error)
    • Date - Must follow the format 'mm/dd/yyyy' .
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