The Continuing Student Assessment (CSA) seeks to reveal the non-cognitive state of students who have been enrolled in college for longer than one (1) academic year.  The assessment was designed to be a recurring compliment to the Student Strengths Inventory.  The CSA provides nationally compared factor scores for seven (7) non-cogntiive factors.


Quick facts about the CSA

  • 65 Items
  • Seven (7) non-cognitive factor areas
    • Career Maturity
    • Campus Engagement
    • Life Complexity
    • Resiliency
    • Self-Regulatory and Agentic Learning
    • Identify
    • Academic Engagement
  • Developed with participation of 23 campuses across the United States
  • Administered via website
  • Mobile-friendly


Origin of the CSA

The original items for the CSA were generated by the authors of the Student Strengths Inventory based on their continued research into the impact of non-cognitive behaviors and attitudes on college student success.  The original set of 108 items were deployed to a pool of 23 campuses who participated in a study during the Spring semester of 2013.  After data collection was finished a regression analysis was used to identify the most impactful items, which reduced the final item count to 65 which are referable to seven (7) non-cognitive concepts.


Administering the CSA

To administer the CSA follow the same procedure for administering the Student Strengths Inventory.  To begin select "Create Administration" from the Administrations page.

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